Stacy’s got it - the passion, the initiative, the charisma, the authenticity. She is a great speaker with a very important message.
— Ginny Carroll


Stacy has been speaking on college campuses for almost ten years. As a college student while taking part in the Dove Campaign, she can relate to what it feels like to be a busy college student who is weighed down by body ailments. Stacy is a fantastic choice for eating disorders and body image awareness week observances. She is also a popular choice for women’s conferences, Panhellenic education and awareness events, new student orientation and current ideas and issues series.


Stacy believes in people. She believes that when men and women feel their best, they become the best employees, leaders, and people they can be. Stacy is a good choice for women's groups, women's conferences, leadership conferences, and empowerment meetings. Stacy works with corporations to tailor each workshop, breakout, or keynote to fit the needs of that individual group. She has worked with companies across the country to empower employees to be their best selves.

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