Embracing Real Beauty

In her keynote, Embracing Real Beauty, Stacy speaks to men and women about the role they can each play in incrementally changing the message that young women receive. It begins at an individual level, she tells audiences. “Only when we start reinforcing positive body image in our groups and in our communities, can we start a real wave of change.”

Stacy is a fantastic choice for eating disorders and body image awareness week observances. She is also a popular choice for women’s conferences, Panhellenic education and awareness events, new student orientation and current ideas and issues series.

“This is my time to encourage and help women feel great about themselves no matter what they weigh or look like,” she said. “Women have surrendered to diets and insane eating habits to live up to social stereotypes for too long. It’s time that all women felt beautiful in their own skin.”

Shattering the Fairy Tale

Prince Charming and Snow White. Aladdin and Jasmine. Callie and Arizona from Grey’s Anatomy. Mickey and Minnie. Stanford and Anthony, from Sex and the City. Perfect fairy tales, right?

Maybe not.

We are all shaped by the messages that society sends us, and oftentimes we are set up for disappointment when things don’t turn out exactly how we thought they would. To make matters more difficult, we are fed from a young age an ideal of what a man should be doing in his relationship, or how a woman can’t succeed without the perfect marriage. It’s a lot of pressure!

Real relationships aren’t fairy tales. Real relationships have bumps along the road. Real relationships consist of men and women, or two men, or two women, or even two individuals who don’t relate as either. Real relationships aren’t cookie cutters—each has its own distinction and its own way of fitting the needs of the couple. Even if it doesn’t look like a “fairy tale”, based on Disney movies and prime time television.

In this world of rigid expectations, Stacy Nadeau educates men and women on how to respect their minds, bodies and souls, in order to reach relationship contentment.

“It’s hard to let others in when you don’t feel good about yourself,” Stacy says.

This empowering program will allow students to open their eyes and minds to the beauty a successful relationship can bring into their lives, as well as the beauty that inner peace can provide. Even more, Stacy will address the liberation and empowerment that being single can offer, and she’ll offer tips to focus on self-improvement during those times. With proper nurturing, acceptance and self-knowledge, we all can find a healthy relationship, whether it’s with on your own or with a partner.

Corporate Presentations

While both Embracing Real Beauty and Shattering the Fairy Tale work very well in a corporate environments, Stacy also tailors breakouts, workshops, and keynotes to each environment she is in. She has worked with numerous corporations to fit their needs and empower their employees to become their very best selves.